Princess Eselreth of Golginlaw, Warden of the Wealwyrten Protectorate

Golginlavish Princess


Eselreth is the younger child of King Orvared of Golginlaw by his late wife, Queen Camilla. She is very young – only twenty years old – and unwed. She seem uninterested in marriage, either for love or for the purpose of strengthening her family’s royal line or alliances.

She is of average attractiveness, tall and has waist length chestnut hair, which she usually keeps braided in a single long braid.


Eselreth, despite her youth is gifted both as a battlefield commander in her own right and as a diplomat. This is why she has been given the Wardenship over Wealwyrten. Her father is vitally concerned with maintaining good relations with the dwarves of Hruzzik to the north, especially those of Zaddakkanek.

She is known to align much more closely with the policies of the King than with those of her brother, Crown Prince Garewyc. Despite the power of the Church of Alcor, Eselreth maintains a laissez-faire approach to non-humans and competing religions in her realm. If forced, she will follow the law, but will use her discretion to choose not to actively enforce any laws that target non-humans or unbelievers.

Princess Eselreth of Golginlaw, Warden of the Wealwyrten Protectorate

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