Bhurzzek-kil-Ghruzzikk, Adrhag-dok-Khustakk of Ghruzzikk

Warden of the Seat of Hruzzik


Bhurzzek is obviously a warrior. She bears the scars of a dozen battles on her exposed skin.. Her eyes are deep blue, like sapphires.


Bhurzzek is the elder sister of Dorkhustakk Trokkizz III. She is completely loyal to him and has led his armies throughout her life. She is a very competent administrator of the Gokannekk (Capital Stronghold) of Ghruzzikk, as well as formidable warrior and accomplished commander.

She is extremely busy and has little time for those who are not vital to her work. This makes her very terse, and many find her brusque and unpleasant. This is unfair. In the rare occasions when she relaxes and steps away from her duties, she is warm and fun-loving. The fact is, however, that she is passionately dedicated to the service of her younger brother.

Bhurzzek is unmarried, though she occassionally indulges in dalliances, which she takes no effort to hide.

Bhurzzek-kil-Ghruzzikk, Adrhag-dok-Khustakk of Ghruzzikk

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