Esved the Mage

A hedge mage formerly in the service of Duke Ungarth


Basic Information

Human Male 52 yrs old
42 60 39 67 63 60 65 6 80
Bal Flex Ref Spd MD A
49 58 30 30 58 62
Imm Sta Stu Pers PA MA
41 53 64 30 72 64


Gambeson, vest only
Regular leather scale vest
Hand Crossbow


Magical Theory (65)
Theory of Life Magic (60)
Spellcraft (ER=3) (60)
Speak Contemporary Language (Golginlavish) (67)
Read Ancient Language (Galli) (45)
Missile Weapon, Mechanical (Hand Crossbow) (55)
Melee Weapon, Small (Stiletto) (40)


Max Manna 64 Stored Manna 0

Cause Full Hallucination
Heal Bludgeoning or Skeletal Wounds
Heal Slashing or Piercing Wounds


Esved was born in a small village in Barony Gogurin to the village blacksmith. From a young age, he never showed aptitude for the forge, but was intensely interested in magical phenomena. At the age of 12, a wandering mage named Merthan passed through Esved’s village. Upon stumbling across Esved and seeing his ability to sense Life Magic, Merthan offered to take Esved on as his apprentice. Esved’s father was happy to find a potential future for his son, so he gladly agreed.

Unfortunately, Esved proved a poor pupil and a self-serving one, at that. With great difficulty, Merthan taught Esved the basics of Life Magic and spellcraft. Just as Esved was beginning to make real progress, however, Merthan died. Esved was left to continue his study on his own. Being a generally shiftless sort, he instead took to using a particular hallucination spell to fool people and thus increase his fortunes. Sometimes, he would make himself appear to be a tax collector, collecting the King’s tax. Other times, he would produce illusions to distract wealthy drunks, so that he could snatch their belongings.

Over time, Esved became proficient enough to fool Duke Ungarth into believing him to be a mage of great power. Ungarth retained him as his Ducal Mage, and this is where Esved served until Aibreann of 742. His service under Ungarth put Esved’s life at risk recently, as he was with a small contingent of the Duke’s soldiers when their camp was unexpectedly attacked. Esved fled and managed to escape unscathed. At length, he returned to Rinnings and reported the attack to Duke Ungarth.

Ungarth, angered at the failure of his plan and now understanding how little power Esved actually possessed, was angry and imprisoned Esved, ordering him slowly tortured to death. After several days and the loss of one eye, Esved managed to escape. He was last seen fleeing eastward toward the coast of the Fey Sea.

Esved the Mage

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