Igodrozzon Brondikk, Most High of Pron-akh-Torzekkan

Supreme High Priest of Pron-akh-Torzekkan, High Seat of the Grand Council, Defender of the Stone of Pron-akh-Torzekkan


At 418 years of age, Brondikk could only be described as venerable. He has no hair on his head, and his beard is waist long and elaborately braided. He is frail of body, but his eyes betray a keen and still active mind.


Brondikk was born under the name Tronzzakk-kil-Vrendikk, a poor dwarf child from an insignificant Kannek in the Oeveringian Empire. In his youth, he traveled widely with a group of adventurers, running from one scrape to another. His final adventure found him badly wounded and lying in the Temple of Pron-akh-Torzekkan at Ghruzzik, being administered the Rites of Return to the Stone, the dying rites of the dwarven people. As the rites concluded, Tronzzakk passed into a coma. In his coma, he experienced a vision of Pron-akh-Torzekkan, who commanded Tronzzakk to return to life and commit to serving Him.

Tronzzakk awoke and revealed his vision to the Nehuzzinikk that was attending him. The Nehuzzinikk alerted an Uzzinikk, who, in turn, alerted the Godrozzon of the Temple. The Godrozzon took Tronzzakk into service as a Rokkozz that very day. Tronzzakk labored for a full century as Rokkozz, then Nehuzzinikk, then Uzzinikk. Finally, the Godrozzon made Tronzzakk a Drozzon and sent him to serve in a small village outside of Hruzzik. After thirty years, he was recalled to Ghruzzik and named Godrozzon of the Temple of Pron-akh-Torzekkan. Fifty years later, the Grand Council met upon the death of Igodrozzon Rizznikk, who had dwelt in Imazzokk in the Oeveringian Empire. The Grand Council elected Tronzakk to the office of Igodrozzon. Tronzzakkl-kil-Vrendikk abandoned the name and his place of birth, according to custom, and took up the name Brondikk.

As Igodrozzon, Brondikk has been instrumental in instituting reforms that preserve vital traditions within the faith while simultaneously ending traditional practices that no longer have meaning or merit (such as the ritual sacrifice of children born with birth defects, for example). Though the early part of his rule was contentious, he has grown into the most beloved Igodrozzon in recorded history.

Igodrozzon Brondikk, Most High of Pron-akh-Torzekkan

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