Lord Biduryk, Baronet of Lurton

Majordomo to King Orvared


Officially, Biduryk is a minor noble, governing the small manor fief of Lurton as a baronet. In reality, however, he is one of the most trusted advisors to the king of Golginlaw.

Recently, he was dispatched to Rinnings to represent (and protect) the King’s interests in the Barony of Nerath. While serving in that capacity, he came into contact with the party, and it was to him that the party brought Bwryn’s head, proving the link between the raids in eastern Nerath and Duke Ungarth.

Biduryk speaks Golginlavish, Orfannis Elvish, Zaddak Dwarvish, and a smattering of Fey. He is a skilled negotiator and diplomat. By contrast, he is not a warrior, though he is very skilled with the rapier.


Biduryk was born the first son of Lord Eduryk of Lurton. In his youth, he was sent by his father to Regis Golgin to serve as a page to the King. While there, Biduryk gradually earned the King’s admiration, respect, and at length, trust. Since that time, His Majesty has called upon Biduryk several times when subtlety is required in vital points both in Golginlaw and Eridinlaw to the South. Biduryk has also undertaken diplomatic missions to Orfannis and Zaddakkanek.

Lord Biduryk, Baronet of Lurton

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