Orvared, King of Golginlaw and Regent of Golgin

King of Golginlaw


King Orvared is a man in his late middle years. He is the father of two children by his late wife, Queen Camilla – Garewyc and Eselreth.

Orvared is of average height and carries just the slightest pauch – not enough to truly be called fat. He has light brown shoulder length wavy hair, grey at the temples and a short grey beard and mustache. His face is heavily lined from the cares of ruling a kingdom.


Orvared is the son of Orvaris II and grandson of the famous Alcorite king Evaros the Pious. He ascended the throne 28 years ago with the death of his father.

Personally Orvared, like most of his line (the House of Rovis) is Druidic in faith. His famous grandfather’s public conversion to Alcorism, however, included some rather unfortunate laws and decrees. Orvaris II and now Orvared have both been forced to balance their own faith with the growing power of the Church of Alcor, which Evaros had decreed the official religion of the realm. Subsequent ecclesiatical court rulings from the Grand Archbishopric in Caer Faer have found that, as Alcorism is the official religion, and as that means the Crown must, by definition be Alcorite since it represents the will of the Kingdom, the Laws of the Church are paramount in the Kingdom. The findings go on to state that since Alcor doesn’t allow its adherents to associate with other gods, neither should the Kingdom of Golginlaw, since it is, in essence, an official worshipper of Alcor.

Over time, Alcorism as practiced in the West of Avernalis has become a very fundamentalistic religion. Certain of Alcor’s original disciples have been officially demoted by the Church, since they were non-human, and therefore (according to Western dogma) unable to experience the True Grace of Alcor. This theological shift has been accompanied by policies of the church that are explicitly hostile to non-humans.

King Orvared has struggled in his reign to balance his legal obligations to the Church with both his personal beliefs and his state duties, both of which are far more open and accepting. In many ways, though preserving a kind of balance, this has made him a weak ruler. The tension between the various factions has brought Golginlaw to the brink of civil war, and possibly war with the dwarves of Hruzzik to the north, who rely on trade through Caer Dvars as an outlet for goods produced by their stronghold Zaddakkanek.

Orvared, King of Golginlaw and Regent of Golgin

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