Sir Koran of Blacktree


Sir Koran is of average height and weight for a human. His face is scarred from intense acne as a teen. He has dark brown hair and a carefully trimmed beard.


Sir Koran is an unimportant knight in the service of his elder brother Rosgraen, Baronet of Blacktree in the Principality of Faer. Koran is the brother of the, now deceased Bwryn of Blacktree, who was in the service of Duke Ungarth, and who was killed during an illegal plot of the Duke’s. Koran is now aware of Bwryn’s treason, following an abortive murder trial against those who killed Bwryn. Koran has made an uneasy peace with his brother’s killers, recognizing that their actions were not malicious and did not constitute murder.

Sir Koran of Blacktree

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