Trokkizz III, Dorkhustakk of Hruzzik

King of Hruzzik


Trokkizz III, or in dwarvish Trokkizz-kil-Ghruzzikk-do-Trizza, is a powerfully built male dwarf of a fairly advanced age. He bears a scar along his right cheek.


Trokkizz is a pious dwarf and a good ruler. He is married to Xiqur, who hails from the Kingdom of Zoxitidefer south of Rudar. As yet, they do not have any offspring (perhaps owing to the fact that they don’t really get along).

Trokkizz is very concerned with the deteriorating relations between his people in Zaddakkanekk and certain elements in power in the Kingdom of Golginlaw. He is actively pursuing better relations with the Golginlavish crown – without significant success – and simultaneously investigating (without significant success) alternate trade routes for the iron and steel goods from Zaddakkanekk to the Petty Kingdoms along the coast of the Fey Sea.

Trokkizz III, Dorkhustakk of Hruzzik

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