Ungarth, Duke of Nerath


Ungarth is a hale man in his middle years. He is married to Olivia of Eridinlaw, a minor princess of the Eridinlavish royal family. Together, they have two daughters (Esrith, Gwenefrith) and a son (Raegarth), all still in their early childhoods.

He is slightly shorter of stature than average for a human and powerfully built.


Ungarth is known to be loyal both to Prince Garewyc and the Church of Alcor. Though not openly in opposition to the Crown, Ungarth finds ways to extend the rulings, edicts and policies of the Church to the furthest extent granted him by the considerable power of his position as one of the Dukes of the Realm. The location of his duchy, seated in the town of Rinnings along the trade road flowing south from Caer Dvars makes Ungarth an important and formidable foe.

Ungarth, Duke of Nerath

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