About Questor's Journey

About Questor’s Journey

Questor’s Journey is an upcoming offering in the tabletop fantasy RPG universe. Based on skills, rather than classes, the mechanics favor character customization.

Characters are free to develop skills of their choosing. Additionally, the attributes that govern a given skill shape, in a much deeper way than in other RPG’s, the actual skill level of the character. A talented character who puts in the same effort with the same skill as another character will be more successful with that skill. In other words, attribute scores matter.

Combat introduces the idea that any character is vulnerable to a successful attack. Learning how to defend oneself is key in Questor’s Journey! Parries, ripostes, armor as well as damaged weapons and armor — all of these are part of the dynamic battlefield in the game.

Finally, magic is handled in an exciting new way. Presented as a combination of innate aptitude as well as a disciplined study of a dangerous field, it is unlike other magic systems in many respects. Magical energy comes in three forms – Life, Mineral, and Elemental (think biology, chemistry, and physics, respectively). Some magic is dangerous, and invoking it comes with risk. Additionally, other spell-casters may recognize a character’s spell as it is being woven and may choose to invoke a counterspell!

Questor’s Journey _is currently in play testing, at a single play site. Publication of the Basic Edition (which will be free-to-play) is expected in 2017, with publication of the Compleat Questor’s Edition slated for release in late 2017 or 2018.

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About Questor's Journey

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