Months in the Fordenensen Calendar

The Fordenense region’s calendar is made up of 12 months.

Month Days
Alcorsrise 31
Secondmonth 28
Wintersend 31
Newlife 30
Aibreann 31
Firstharvest 30
Rainsearch 31
Hellsfire 31
Medi 31
Hydref 31
Secondharvest 30
Yearsend 31

Each 14 day period ends in a fairday. The day following each fairday is called a respite day. No travelling or work is generally done on respite days, except the bare minimum necessary for survival (certain businesses, such as inns and taverns are an exception). Fairdays and restdays are secular, though the Church of Alcor has siezed upon restdays as a day that, according to them, should be spent in worship, reflection and prayer. Adherence to that teaching varies widely, depending upon the local community.

Generally, the birthday of the ruling monarch is a secular festival, as well. Often it is marked by contests, fairs and other amusements, even in very small communities.

Amongst the Druids, Beltane is celebrated on the first day of Aibreann and Samhain is celebrated on the last day of Hydref.

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Months in the Fordenensen Calendar

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