Timeline of Events

Aibreann 11, 742

  • Party is summoned to the hall of Duke Ungarth of Nerath in Rinnings.

Aibreann 13, 742

  • Party departs Rinnings in search of raiders.

Aibreann 14, 742

  • Hand & Flowers Tavern burns to the ground in Rinnings.

Aibreann 20, 742

  • Party fights Bwryn and his raiders. Esved escapes.

Aibreann 21, 742

  • Having learned of Ungarth’s involvement in the raids in Nerath, the party returns to Rinnings, but brings Bwryn’s head to Lord Biduryk along with an unfinished dispatch as evidence.
  • Oreg leaves Rinnings and returns to his village.

Aibreann 22, 742
Esved the Mage is seen returning to Ungarth’s hall alone.

Aibreann 26, 742

  • Seven Stars Tavern burns to ground in Rinnings. Rumors of magical influence.
  • 25 men-at-arms arrive in Rinnings and immediately report to Lord Biduryk.
  • Oreg returns to Rinnings from his village.

Aibreann 27, 742

  • Xelbritha disappears.

Aibreann 28, 742

  • Party meets Lord Biduryk, who warns them to leave Rinnings
  • Persici O’Donnell and Tiffany join the group
  • Party interrupts commoners harassing Diòiridh in the Cat and Fiddle Tavern. Diòiridh joins the group.
  • Party leaves Rinnings in the late evening

Aibreann 29, 742

  • Party overnights in the Small Folk village of Wheatmill along the King’s Road between Caer Dvars and Rinnings. Intercepts wood goblin tracks from previous raids

Aibreann 30, 742

  • Party tracks goblins to cave in northern Barony Don. Infiltrates cave and kills Ogre chieftain.

Firstharvest 3, 742

  • Party confronts and kills the devil revenant Hzurragh, a former high priest of the now extinct Hizar people.

Firstharvest 24, 742

  • Yen fully recovers from having her leg severed, and the party prepares to venture back into the world outside the cave.

Firstharvest 25, 742

  • Party arrives in the Orc village of Khorig. Learns that mountain orcs led by an Ogre named Vruug the Vile have issued a challenge to the city to produce a champion to defeat him, or submit to his rule.
  • Party travels to site of mountain orc village and Oreg challenges Vruug. Oreg is defeated, suffering an amputated leg.

Firstharvest 26, 742

  • After resting in Khorig, Persici and Tiffany both face Vruug, and both are defeated. Persici suffers a crushed arm and severed leg. Tiffany’s head is cut in half, and he dies.
  • In a fit of rage and impatience, Diòiridh kills Vruug with a major explosion which also ignites the palisade of the mountain orc village, allowing the party to escape.

Firstharvest 27, 742

  • The party arrives in Caer Dvars and pays entry taxes.
  • Summoned to the Hall of Princess Eselreth, where they learn that Sir Koran (the brother of Duke Ungarth’s lieutenant Bwryn) has pressed his right to a trial for the “murder” of his brother against Xelbritha, Myroc, Dusk, Yen, and Oreg. Eselreth, though loyal to her father and aware of the actual circumstances, is forced to accede to his demand by law. She declares that the party may not leave Caer Dvars until the date of their trial, one month hence, and makes them her guests in her palace until that time should come.
  • The party visits the Temple of Pron-akh-Torzekkan, the primary dwarven deity of the Zaddakk Dwarves. The High Priestess, Hgenl-kil-Kedvars, intercedes with the god on the party’s behalf and Pron-akh-Torzekkan resurrects Tiffany. In exchange, the party had to agree to have a geas laid upon them by the god upon the completion of their trial and to fulfill a quest on the god’s behalf.

Rainsearch 2, 742

  • A messenger arrives in Caer Dvars, advising Princess Eselreth of the total destruction of the village of Khorig at the hands of mountain orcs.

Rainsearch 3, 742

  • Eselreth informs Sir Koran and the party that the trial will be delayed. She sets a new date of Hellsfire 27.

Rainsearch 15, 742

  • Eselreth and a company of men-at-arms depart Caer Dvars to set out for the ruins of Khorig.

Rainsearch 25, 742

  • Eselreth and her men-at-arms return to Caer Dvars after destroying the mountain orcs responsible for the destruction of Khorig.

Rainsearch 27, 742

  • Party hires Illtyd as their legal advocate. He reveals that Sir Koran is being represented by a very famous and expensive legal advocate – Turin the Solicitor. It is certain that Turin’s fee is more than a simple minor knight like Sir Koran could possibly be able to afford.

Rainsearch 28, 742

  • Illtyd petitions Princess Eselreth to issue a Writ of Supoena, summoning Lord Biduryk, Baronet of Lurton and Majordomo to King Orvared, to be a witness for the defense.
  • Illtyd names Dame Alestia of Indars to be Judge of the Accused in the upcoming trial.
  • Illtyd reaches out to Turin on behalf of the party, attempting to open negotiations for payment of a blood debt. Negotiations are fruitless.

Hellsfire 9, 742

  • Lord Bidury of Lurton arrives in Caer Dvars for the trial.

Hellsfire 19, 742

  • Sir Evis, a family friend of Sir Koran’s arives in Caer Dvars to serve as Judge of the Aggrieved in the upcoming trial.

Hellsfire 20, 742

  • Random lot falls on Lady Ovaris, Baronet of Ulf’s Loss to serve as Judge of the Crown int he upcoming trial.

Hellsfire 25, 742

  • Lady Ovaris arrives in Caer Dvars.

Hellsfire 27, 742

  • Trial for the alleged murder of Sir Bwryn of Blacktree. Charges are suddenly and inexplicably dropped by Turin the Solicitor when Myroc nearly reveals Ungarth’s plot.
  • Sir Koran is enraged at Turin the Solicitor.
  • Lord Biduryk suggests that he should be allowed to work as intermediary to arrange a meeting between the party and Sir Koran.

Hellsfire 28, 742

  • Dwarven god Pron-akh-Torzekkan appears to the party, placing them under a geas and presenting them with a quest – to locate and retrieve the Ugzhak, to return with it to a meeting in one year and one day, which will be held at Caer Faer.
  • Lord Biduryk shows Sir Koran the private journal of Duke Ungarth, which explicitly outlines the Duke’s plots and Sir Bwryn’s involvement in those plot, which amount to treason against the Crown.
  • Party meets with Sir Koran, who coldly but sincerely apologizes to the party for charging them with murder. Persici tries to enlist Sir Koran to begin a resistance movement against Prince Garewyc. Sir Koran just leaves the meeting.

Hellsfire 29, 742

  • Party departs Caer Dvars, bound for Zaddakkanek
  • Party is ambushed by and defeats three lesser dragons. Oreg is killed in the fight by dragon fire, but Persici is able to successfully Reverse Death.

Hellsfire 30, 742

  • Party arrives at Zaddakkanek at sundown.
  • Myroc bristles at having to pay entry taxes. Demands to see the ruler of the stronghold. The party is escorted to the Rodhag-dok-Kloenfust, whose name is Hrozzakk-kil-Zaddakk. Myroc’s belligerence irritates Hrozzakk, who orders him thrown into the dungeon until the party is ready to leave Zaddakkanek.

Hellsfire 31, 742

  • Party meets with the stronghold’s overpriest – Welzzt-kil-Kedvars, who rejects the authority of Hgen-kil-Kedvars (the priest-overseer of the temple in Caer Dvars). At length, he reluctantly agrees to answer the party’s questions. He indicates the temple has no relevant information, but that the party should talk to the Chronicler at the Archive of the Stronghold.
  • The party speaks to Ufghikk-kil-Zaddakk, the Chronicler of Zaddakkanek. he explains that the Archive contains no information relevant to the party’s quest, but that more information may exist at the Gokannek (dwarvish word for their capital), the Stronghold of Ghruzzik

Medi 1, 742

  • Party retrieves Myroc from the dungeon and sets out for Ghruzzik.

Medi 9, 742

  • Party arrives in Ghruzzik. The Dorkhustakk (King), Trokkizz III, grants the party free room and board for the duration of their stay, and provides them with a Writ of Access, allowing them to visit any area of the Stronghold.

Medi 11, 742

  • Party finds a reference in the restricted section of the Archives to the Ugzhak and a “Trial of Three Keys” in the elven realm of Shi’enarath.

Medi 13, 742

  • Party finds a reference in the General Philosophy section of the Archives to the Ugzhak in a text on crystalline structure. The reference reinforces the link between the Ugzhak and the elven realm of Shi’enarath.

Medi 14, 742

  • Party leaves Ghruzzik, bound for Sheinarath.

Medi 19, 742

  • Party reaches Rudem, the capital city of the Kingdom of Rudar.

Medi 31, 742

  • Party reaches the borders of Shi’enarath.
  • Party undergoes and completes the Trial of the Three Keys.

Hydref 21, 742

  • The legendary night in the city of Rudem. Diòiridh loses her virginity, Myroc contracts crabs and the clap, and Tiffany gets rolled in his sleep.

Hydref 31, 742

  • Party reaches the City of the Tower in Orfannis
  • Party ventures into the Caverns of the Keys
  • Yen wets her pants when she hears the sound of the underground river through the door
  • Myroc dies and his soul becomes a wraith

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Timeline of Events

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