Agwilam is Jrako’s only rival, in terms of power. He is God of the Sky. Because he resides in the sky, he sees all things, including the future and the past.

Agwilam is always depicted as a fierce golden eagle, and he is as powerful as Jrako, though intensely loyal to him.

Agwilam teaches that one should always try to look farther and understand better what is happening, why it has happened, and what will happen in the future as a result. In some ways, he could be considered the patron god of cause and effect.

The Uggûn hold rituals in honor of Agwilam at all predictable natural phenomena (new moons, full moons, equinoxes, solstices, etc.), for the predictability of these events is a gift from him and gives the Uggûn power over their world. These rituals consist of the consumption of hallucinogenic substances for the purpose of invoking visions from Agwilam which are believed to have the power to increase the knowledge of the one experiencing the vision, if they fare wise enough to interpret it. Successful interpretations are understood to be quite rare, but are likewise considered a gift from Agwilam, himself. The Uggûn make no sacrifices to Agwilam. Instead, they revere him by adorning their clothing with golden eagle feathers when they find them.

They will never hunt, eat, pluck or harm an eagle for any reason, even in self-defense. If an injured eagle is found, it is considered a sacred duty to nurse the eagle back to health. Nursing an eagle back to health is considered an omen of great blessing. Conversely, if the eagle dies in the care of an Uggûn, that person must make a spirit journey no less than five years in duration. Since such journeys must be made alone, and without aid, few return.

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