And Ibis was angry, so he drank much, and he took flight. He beat his wings and the winds came. He made his call and the lightning flashed. He relieved himself and the great rains came. And we were nearly overcome.
— From the Flood of the Basin cycle

Ibis is the God of Rains and Storms. He is depicted as a scarlet ibis. He is always depicted in flight. The Uggûn are an earthy people, and so their depictions of natural phenomena sometimes reflect that. Torrential rains are said to be Ibis urinating after drinking too heavily. Lightning and thunder is caused when he cries out in alarm or anger. The wind is said to be caused by the beating of his wings.

Conversely, gentle rains are said to be Ibis’ tears of awe, for he is overcome when he considers the beauty of the world.

Ibis teaches gentleness, like that of a soft rain, when nurturing that which must be grown. He also teaches great violence, like that of a powerful storm, when one must be punished.

When great rains threaten floods, along with sacrifices to Sturgio, the Uggûn make sacrifices to Ibis by boiling horse urine until it fully evaporates (thus rising in the air to meet Ibis). When embarking on war with another tribe or clan, the warriors will gather around the fire and drink great quantities of Gwùngcsadd. When they can no longer hold it, they relieve themselves into a common pot. They continue drinking until the pot is full. Then, the shaman will bless the pot and each warrior will take a small branch of holly and dip it into the pot. Dancing and singing, they will sprinkle the urine into the fire. They do this until the entire pot has been sprinkled over the fire. Only once this ritual has been completed will Uggûn warriors go on a raid, for they are invoking the wrath of Ibis against their foes on their behalf.

When a baby is born or other person is in need of special blessing by Ibis, pure rainwater is collected, and the recipient is bathed in the rainwater while the shaman chants a blessing.

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