And Jrako rules the Gods and the Spirits. From his tent in the heavens he commands them and they do his bidding.
—From the Creation Cycle of the Uggûn_

Jrako (or ‘Dragon’) is the ruler of the Uggûn gods. The Uggûn believe that he created the entire world and the firmament, and that he rules from a grand tent in the heavens. Jrako has no specific realm. Instead, he rules and commands all the other Gods and Spirits as a benevolent autocratic chieftain.

Jrako is depicted as a great, wingless, serpentine dragon of a variety of hues (usually, representations of him will show each scale being a different color). He is said to breathe fire hot enough to melt stone.

Jrako teaches honor, loyalty and courage.

Jrako’s feast days are declared by omens taken clan shamans at least one month in advance. They are marked by the consumption of roasted horse, dancing, drinking and the singing of sacred stories followed by stories of great or humorous deeds within the clan since the last feast was celebrated. Male children will receive their first tattoo during the first feast day of their lifetimes, and it will always be a stylized dragon emblazoned on the recipient’s left shoulder blade.

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