Loepûs (‘Wolf’) is the Goddess of the Hunt. She is portrayed as a grey she-wolf. Occasionally, she takes human form and when she does, she will have golden eyes and graying hair. She will not be particularly beautiful (though not ugly either), and will be very lithe, rather than voluptuous or willowy.

Loepûs taught the first Uggûn the techniques of hunting (or so they believe). She also taught them certain principles. She taught that the Uggûn should only hunt what they must in order to survive. She taught that the stronger members of the clan must hunt for those who cannot. She taught that anything that can be used from a kill should be used, that waste is immoral.

Loepûs also teaches that one should be cunning, that planning and foresight will more often result in success than impulsive and rash direct action.

The Uggûn revere Loepûs by sacrificing the heart of a kill in the fire whenever they return from a successful hunt. They also consider the observation of natural predators on the hunt to be an act sacred to Uggûn.
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