Sturgio (or Sturgeon) is the God of Lakes and Streams in the Uggûn pantheon. He is depicted in most representations as an enormous sturgeon, but crimson in color.

Sturgio rules the lakes and streams, as well as the Spirits associated with them. The Uggûn have no direct contact with the seas, so in their conception, he essentially rules all bodies of water. The Uggûn offer sacrifices to Sturgio (along with Ibis) whenever floods threaten. The Uggûn also offer sacrifices to Sturgio whenever making their strong ale, known as Gwùngcsâdd.

Sturgio teaches the Uggûn to be flexible and to flow around obstacles in life, like water. He also reminds them that no force on Alzhonar is more powerful than water, though it seems gentle. The Uggûn are to be the same way.

Sturgio has no specific feasts. Instead, he is revered daily at the cookfire and as noted above. Sacrifices to Sturgio usually take the form of mussels or snails, which are boiled, then then poured into a naturally occuring body of water. More substantial sacrifices will include fish eggs, as well.

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