The Regucwuainaeth

And the eleven others and I – we rose against the natural order. We rebelled against the Great Council and against the Goddess. We touched the elements and forced them to make us immortal. And we lost ourselves. On that day, I lost the right to a name, such as others bear. On that day I became rejughinath – accursed – which my subjects call Regucwuainaeth, for I was then and today remain, indeed, accursed. All these millennia later, I live only to guide those few whom I can in the right ways, that they may avoid the fate and curse of the faerie.

—From the Confession of the Regucwuainaeth

The Irunieth Elves of the Arssi’eri revere The Goddess, but they do so via the intercession of a figure, actually living among them, whom they call the Regucwuainaeth. The Irunieth believe the Regucwuainaeth to be one of the twelve original leaders of the Faerie, who led them to the catastrophe that sundered the Faerie from the Elves in prehistory.

The teachings of the Regucwuainaeth echo those of The Goddess. They emphasize much more strongly the prohibition on the use of elemental magic, however. Elemental magic use among the Irunieth is punishable by burning at the stake (rather than banishment, as is the case among the elves elsewhere in Avernalis).

Except for the Day of Jubilee, which only comes once every two-hundred fifty years, only the Ahshg’ahrahndthah are allowed into the presence of The Regucwuainaeth in its throne room, though they do occasionally venture out of their palace/temple to tour the forest.

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The Regucwuainaeth

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