Western Avernalan Dwarvish

Ancient Languages

Spoken by the original dwarvish immigrants to Avernalis. Spoken until around 1200 B.A. in Hruzzikk. Continued in use elsewhere until around 600 B.A. Remarkably stable in morphology and phonology since that time.

Contemporary Languages

Spoken in the Dorkhustakkate of Hruzzikk. Arose as a distinct language approximately 1200 B.A.

Spoken in Zoxitidefer. Arose as a separate language around 600 B.A.

Spoken in the Sundak region of the Oeveringian Empire. Old Sundakik first spoken as a distinct language around 600 B.A. Latter Sundakik emerges around 200 Y.A.

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Western Avernalan Dwarvish

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